Creating a custom SCCM Report

Creating a custom SCCM Report

Now that we have the information about our monitors in our database, we need to figure out a way to display it. For that, we will need to write a new report. Since the report editing features in either the SCCM console or the Reporting Services Editor are quite bad, it’s much easier to first create the report in SQL management studio.


  1. Dal R

    Hi awesome work, much appreciated.
    Quick query how would I go about editing the report to prompt for a collection prior to running the report, would this be possible?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Jeff Majcher

    For some reason, when I run the report, I get a listing from only one computer. I have run the script on several computers . I have checked the resource explorer to verify that the record was populated in WMI. I also see a number of new records in the SQL view.

  3. Sigi Vanhees

    First and foremost, thank you for presenting this so well in this video.

    Is there a way to filter this report with user or device collections?

  4. exar

    Sure, any report can do that. The view that contains collection memberships is called v_FullCollectionMembership. If you google for that you can find sample reports.

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