AccessScanner is a small application that can scan a whole directory tree and give a quick overlook over the directories that have special permissions set. It's especially useful to find corrupted folders after a crash, clean up a file structure before a migration or just plain do some housekeeping on organically grown servers.


Download AccessScanner 1.1

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  1. Enter the name of the root directory where you want to scan.
  2. Press Scan

Be aware that for a large file system (more than 10,000 folders), the progress bar may not appear to move for a minute or so. Just give it time, or try it with a smaller directory first.

Scan owners will also list folder owners additionally to the file permissions. Depending on what you want to see this may be useful or just unnecessary clutter so you can filter them out

Hide uninteresting directories will completely hide any directory and its subdirectories that do not have any permissions other than inheriting their parent. This option is generally useful to set as the result can be very large if it displays thousands of nested directories

Hide system accounts will hide internal Windows accounts like NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM


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